Thursday 12.08.2010

Thursday, 12.08.2010

We started the day with a large breakfast as usual and then we all went to do our research until lunch. I had to correct a few things, but then I was finished with my translation!! 😀

That felt so good, really, because I have been struggling with it for the last three days and it was the best feeling ever just to know that it was finished! 😀

This day the main chef was Christine. With some help she prepared us a typical soup from Taiwan, made from different vegetables, meat and noodles.  🙂 I liked it so much I had to take another portion.  🙂

After lunch we decided to rather take the bus than going by bike. What a relief, at least for me, because the sun was so strong, that it was actually too hot for a bike.  🙂

By bus and by S Bahn we then drove to the memorial Bullenhuser Damm in Hamburg, where twenty Jewish children, four adults and twenty-four Soviet soldiers were hanged in school. We visited that school and I think it was very moving for us all, because Karin told us the stories of the hanged children and what was even more frightening, was, that we were actually sitting in the rooms, where children got killed and Karin told us how they waited in the rooms not knowing what was going to happen to them. However, the most awful thing is probably that not all SS men, who were responsible for this killing, were captured.  Some of them got away with it. :S

However, it was very touching to see that a lot of people, especially children from schools that visit the place, leave stones and letters written for the children in commemoration.

At the end, we planted a flower for them in the memorial garden next to the school.

We continued our trip to the centre of Hamburg to the art gallery Kunst Halle and Kunst der Gegenwart. We actually got the tickets for free!  There you could see works of different artists, from Monet, Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso etc.; it was something to really look at.

After that, we had some spare time for ourselves. Even though we could go shopping or something else, everyone was so hungry, that we just went to get something to eat.

We went through numerous streets until we found one restaurant, which was quite expensive. Therefore, the Italian guys and Jose then decided to take us to an Italian restaurant where they had already been before and they knew the food was delicious.

Since Italians worked in that restaurant, the guys got really along with them so we were able to get a mixture of different pasta, not just one kind and it cost only 4 euros! 🙂 They also put on Italian music and brought us focaccia (sort of bread), just for us!

After that we met the others at the city hall and went to the park where there was some sort of a concert. We were at the lake and classical music was playing and then with music the shape and the colour of water were changing. It was so beautiful to see.

In the end, we finally arrived in Neuengamme. A lot of people were really tired and decided to go to bed, but some of us decided to stay awake and have a party because this was the last night for Jose and Lena and we thought it would be nice if they would have a nice farewell.

I think the night was a success, people were dancing and talking until the morning, but then it was time to go to bed. A lot of work had to be done the next day!

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