Feedback on the Wansbek-Dräger Female Concentration Camp

On 10-08-2010 we went to Wansbek – Dräger, where we visited the memorial site of satellite camp for female inmates. There, we interviewed the near-by neighborhoods, in order to get a clearer aspect toward the site.


The followings are some feedbacks toward the interviews we made. Most of the people whom have been interviewed didn’t know much about what had happened in the area, but all conceived the same piece opinion that having this memorial is not only significant but necessary as well. Just like Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father who survived from the Auschwitz concentration camp, once said “In order to build up a future, the past must not be forgotten.” All of the interviewers held the same thoughts. One disappointing part we have to bring up is that the memorial has already been destroyed three times by some annoyers. When we mentioned this fact, all of the interviewers were shocked. One of the old men said, “I think those who ruined the memorial are insane, they have no idea what they were doing.”


The interview was very interesting for us, especially the last person who we interviewed, because his grandparents are one of the survivors of the Pollen concentration camp. We were excited when he shared with us. As far as we are concerned, this memorial means a lot to both survivors and relatives of inmates. So we consider this was an awful and stupid thing to do. Interviewing people was a total new experience for us and a different activity from the past 10 days. We enjoyed it a lot!!!

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