Tuesday, 10.8.2010

The breakfast was, as usual, at 8.45.

Afterwards we had only 90 minutes for researching because at 11 a.m. the visitors from Ahrensbök arrived. We talked for an hour and exchanged our experience of both of work camps. Their work is completely different from ours. They have to do more physical work, for example painting the walls. There are 14 of them, coming from 5 different nations.


We were in a hurry to, so we ate lunch really fast. The lunch was made by boys; Mario and Saverio from Italy and Jose Carlos from Spain.

     Pasta con tonno e olive nerie (pasta with tune and black olive)

At one o’clock we moved to Wansbek – Dräger, where we visited the memorial site of satellite camp for female inmates. Bernhard Esser and Bert Wahls were already waiting for us. They briefly explained us about this camp’s history and the current situation.


Aisalkyn shared with us one story she read, it was about a woman who was been captured in this satellite camp and survived.

After the introduction most of us were cleaning the surroundings and cutting the grass.


Masa and Dasha interviewed Walter Klein, an eyewitness who saw the horrible scene of tortured prisoners. And me and Christine, we were in another interview group, walking around the nearby park, asking people’s opinions toward the memorial site while simultaneously informing them about history of the era. The last person we interviewed, was a boy, whose grandparents were also of the inmates of the Pollen concentration camp. I really liked making interviews, it was interesting.


Afterwards, we went to Bernhard’s house, where we enjoyed a delicious feast.

After the snack, Bert and Bernhard, as the second generation of the inmates, they shared with us their personal stories. Seeing such  emotions was really touching for us all.


Group photo

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