Monday 9.8.

The weather was changeable on Monday. In the morning each of us worked on our tasks. We (Marie and Tereza) went to the exhibition to get more information about the hygiene and about ,,our´´ sink (where prisoners had to washed themselves). After lunch (Pakistan- Kirgistan soup) we went taking interview into to the house where an old photo with the sink was taken years ago. We had to go together with Maggie and Lena because they are better at German. We had luck because nice people live in this house. The man told us whole story of the sink and he showed us a ,,new´´ different sink in his garden. We were really surprised. We took new photos of it. The man said that this sink was from another camp. It comes from SS´s camp because his brother in law was SS man. And Lena and Maggie can write more information ;-).
When we finished with this we continued to Blue Bridge. Here we with Elsa and Hyewon cut ,,beautiful flowers´´ (nettles, thistles, …) 🙂 By the Blue Bridge there is official beginning of concentration camp Neuengamme and because of high plants people couldn´t see it. So we were cutting and cutting – it was really hard work :-)! When it started raining, we took our tools, which were very useful, we hurried up to home.

We had to point out the dinner – it was very spicy but we were really satisfied.
After the dinner the feedback was and then we had to write blog about Thursday and we finished it at half past twelve (because we worked so slowly). Because we spent so interesting day, Melanie told us, that we should write about this day, too. So there is it 🙂 .

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