By the Blue Bridge

Our group – Elsa, Marie, Tereza and Heywon – chose to work on the area of the Blue Bridge. Indeed, it is an important spot because it is the official beginning of the concentration camp Neuengamme. However, people could not see it because it was full of high grasses, nettles, thistles and other plants. So we hold gloves, big scissors, shovels and we went by bikes to the place. A lot of work was waiting us. We had to cut all plants.

When we finished cutting, we also dig all the soil from which was recovering a stone, next to the canal. Indeed, we thought that maybe we could find an inscription of the name of the company, Deutschen Erd- und Steinwerken, which ran the transport of stones on the canal. This work took three days and unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. But at least, this place looks better now.

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