Saturday and Sunday 07/08.08.2010

            To begin with, I have to say that we were very lucky with the wearther this weekend. We had two beautiful sunny days (and I have to say all day long). What should we ask more to enjoy our free time?

            On Saturday, most of us visited Hambourg. Marcel, a student who works in Neuengamme-Camp showed us the city. We met at the main station, we walked around (Mönckeberg Strasse) until the Rathaus. After a bit a lunch, we got the chance to see the gay pride (also called, Christopher Street Day) which was taking place this day in Hamburg.

  After that, we walked nearby the canal (Binnenalster). Althought, it was crowded of people, it was really nice. We then get to a huge park, called “Planten un Blomen” where we got a rest and visited a Botanic Garden. We arrived in the neighbourhood of Sank Pauli, ate dinner and ice cream. (The soya caramel was really really good ! J)

            Finally, we got back to Neuengamme and we stopped at Eschenhof where a Sommerfest was going on: music, photo exhibitions, games and food.

            On Sunday, we made a trip to the North Sea. From Hamburg, we easily get to the North Sea either the Baltic Sea. We took the train in the morning from Hamburg-Main Station and after two hours we arrived at Cuxhaven, our destination. We took the bus to get to the beach and we discovered that a horseracing was taking place in the sea! Indeed, the particularity of the North Sea is that the water can be very low because of the tides. So were able to walk in the sea (!) very far away from the beach, as the horses could run in the sea. We learned later that this horseracing was taking place each year in Cuxhaven since 1902 and it appears very popular.


We enjoyed the day walking in the sea, as we could not swim (a real surprise for the latin part of the group who are use to see huge beaches and waves!) and getting some rest. We got back late in the evening, quite tired, but very happy to have spent a great weekend. 🙂

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2 Kommentare - “Saturday and Sunday 07/08.08.2010”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Hello all,

    I wish you a pleasant time.


  2. anapog Says:

    the weekend was really great. i just want to thank to Marcel, because he showed us around and told us some interesting informations about Hamburg.

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