Monday, 02.08.2010

Monday, 02.08.2010

In the morning it was quite hard to wake up, because we had breakfast early in the morning and we stayed up very late the previous night. After the usual breakfast, the camp leaders showed us the rest of the camp.

We started at the brick factory, which was really impressive. From there we continued our way to the channel. There, prisoners had to bring the clay with a wheelbarrow between the boats. The most shocking thing was that the channel was actually built by prisoners. With their work, the river got deeper and wider, so that boats could sail there. Before that this was just a small river. They also worked in very hard conditions, standing always in the river and always wet.

the canal made by prisoners

From there we continued to the parade ground where our camp leader told us the story about 20 Jewish children who were first used for experiments and later on hanged. We also visited the places where people were killed by death injections and there were also remains of the detention block of very small size where 448 people were killed by Zyklon B. I was mortified and shocked when seeing how small the detention block was and they were able to squeeze so many people in it.  Also when the corpses were carried out of the chamber, others had to sing happy songs.

At this place you really could not feel anything else but grief and sadness for them.

After lunch, we did a bike tour where Martin showed us the places which were connected to KZ Neuengamme such as house of the Hitler youth, then where the shop was from which the camp got coal, the cemetery and the monument there etc. 


                Hitler youth                                          the people from the  neighborhood                                                                                 donated us the bikes. thank you a lot!

It was interesting to see the town by bikes and also to learn how the camp was connected with the rest of the city.

Additionally, we also saw the former railway station (now a pub), from which the prisoners had to walk to the camp. During our tour we also stopped at Eschenhof, where some friends of the camp are living and made a surprise for Anya. J They wrote: “Happy birthday, Anya; 19”, which was really nice of them. They also treated us with three cakes and some other sweets. J


From there we went to Bergedorf just for fun, to see a bit of the city. J We stayed there for two hours and did different things- shopping, eating ice cream etc. J when we got back to Neuengamme, pasta carbonara and tortilla were already waiting for us. J Mario, Saverio and Jose made them for us. It was very delicious. J Of course it was delicious, Italian and Spanish food made by Italian and Spanish guys. 😀                                                

After the dinner, camp fire was lit and we all sat down around it and ate zephyr. J

Furthermore, we ate apples, drank wine and had a discussion about the working of the camp. J

The day finished by a Bulgarian song performed by Magi. J

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