thursday 5.8.

From the morning the weather was really ,,good´´. At first it was just rain but during the day it went into rainstorm.
In the morning we started working on a new brochure Verbindungen. Each of us chose one place which was interesting for us. We (Marie and Tereza) chose Front Garden. This article is about things from concentration camp which are used by people from the village. All started working on their tasks. However we had service in the kitchen and so we went buying ingredients for our meal. For lunch we cooked fried cheese with potatoes. It isn´t so typical food for Czech Republic but we really like it.
Plan for the afternoon was the trip into Hamburg. When we wanted to go to the bus station, it just started heavy rain. And we were totally wet. At first in Hamburg we had tour on the boat around the harbour.
And the weather got slowly better. Elbe (river) was looked quite polluted against in the Czech Republic (we can compare it) 🙂 . Then we needed to go to toilet and we were surprised because there are NO public toilets. After ,,short„ walk ( we still needed to go to toilet) we visited really an interesting house. Before we came indoors, Martin did a short introduction of this building, because without it, we could be shocked. In this interesting squatters house was a ,,restaurant´´ (and finally toilets). We ate cuscus with vegetables and like a desert water melon, … After this we visited some of the most famous places of Hamburg. What we really needed to see-Reeperbahn and Lunapark. We saw many exciting things and people. Boys took a small trip into byway and they returned with smiles on their faces :-).
Not so far from Reeperbahn is Lunapark. All our group went to the big Riesenrad. It has 60 m but slow speed and no adrenalin. How one of us noted, it was for like for retirements :-). So we had to go to roller coaster. We were scared but when all people had to go we had to go too. It wasn´t cheap but it worth for it. This attraction really was not for retirements 🙂 🙂

On Thursday we had very nice time.

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One Comment - “thursday 5.8.”

  1. mariosiviglia Says:

    ahahahahah…. impossible to forget Reeperbahn!

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