Wednesday, 04.08.2010

            This morning, we continued to visit the different exhibitions and to search more about our interests. We got into the topics or a place in the Camp that interest us in depth. It could be the trial of former SS, the women in the Camp, the deportation of twenty children or the crematorium, the brick factory, the detention cell and so on.

            Local media also came to visit the workcamp and interviewed some volunteers about their motivation.

            The people who work in Hamburg-Camp were invited to join us for the lunch. It was a great opportunity to meet and to know more about each other’s work.

        Then, we watched short movies which were testimonies of people related to Neuengamme-Camp. It could be neighbours at the time of the concentration Camp who witnessed violence scene nearby the Camp or the nurse of the SS.

            After that, Martin who created this blog explained to all volunteers how it works :).

            Meanwhile we were learning how to write, add comments and pictures to the blog, three of us went in exploration. In fact, Mario, Saverio and Jose, who form the latin part of the international group, with a map in hands, went in bikes to take some pictures of interesting places reported on a map of the surroundings of Neuengamme-Camp. They planned two stops. In the first one was the Hitlerian Youth House, a place were former SS made a parade in 1942 and a place where a photomontage was made (column of concentration-camp prisoners). The target of this mission was to compare the place and the photo now and with one taken 70 years ago. They took pictures of the places in order to have a visual support.

Hitlerian Youth House






          For the second part of the mission, they planned to take pictures of  the old inclined bridge and the windmill. Now, it is necessary to say that the map was not so correct, like people could think. In fact, they finished in a kneipe for asking information to the owner and to the only client. They showed them the map but unfortunately, as the boys could not understand German, we can see the result in this video…

            Now, Ukrainian dishes are almost ready, it’s time to go !

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2 Kommentare - “Wednesday, 04.08.2010”

  1. martin Says:

    thanks for this video! Nothing could have explaind the situation better!

  2. karin Says:

    i love this video, its the best!!!

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