Sunday 1.8.2010

Sunday 1.8.2010


This day started wonderfully. 🙂 The breakfast was at 10 a.m., so we were able to get a good night sleep after our tiring journey from the day before. 🙂

After the breakfast we all gathered round in a circle and divided up into pairs to make interviews with one another. And all the information you found out about your partner, you had to write it down on a sheet of paper.



For me, that was a really good idea, especially as we paired up with people that we did not really communicate so much the previous night. I really got to know Marie, a girl from Czech Republic with whom I had no contact until then. Then each person introduced his/her partner to the rest of the group so that we all knew more about each member. I have to say, I’d never done such a thing before, so it was sort of refreshing for me to learn new ways of meeting people.



 After the interviews we took the bicycles which we got here and our group leaders took us around the memorial site to introduce us to the history of the camp and its functions. We moved slowly from one monument to the other and at each one they explained us something about the camp.

What I was really surprised is that, although I am not a history buff, I found all the explanations interesting and wanted to know more about it. The thing that got my attention was that they did not try to sell us just pure facts, but were more trying to tell us a story. It was important to them that we could imagine how it was like. Additionally, I also found out things I had not known before, interesting details that I was never told at school. For example, that SS used the ashes of the dead as a fertilizer for the crops in the camp. They usually leave such things out at school. 🙂

We walked from the greenhouses pass different monuments dedicated to the town of Putten, homosexuals, and Jehovah witnesses etc. to the biggest monument of all with the sentence on it: „Euer Leiden, euer Kampf und euer Tod sollen nicht vergebens sein!“ And next to it there was a statue of a crooked and an underfed human being. Such things really kind of do make you realize what sort of place this really was.



However the most shocking thing for me was in the building next to the biggest monument. There you could see books, in which the names, time of arrival, time of death, camp and cause of death of the prisoners of the concentration camp were written. For me it was even sicker to see that for causes of death it was written as though they were all of natural causes.

After we returned to the barracks for lunch, we continued our visit into the building next to ours (former barrack for prisoners) where we looked at the exhibition. I have to say that this exhibition was exquisite. J It has everything you need to know. The most wonderful thing for me was that prisoners of different nations were represented and their stories shown. Furthermore, different videos are shown there on headphones. And the thing I found the most exciting was that one of the interviews (if you listened to it in the original) was in Slovene!! I’ve never expected in my life that I would be able to listen to Slovene in a middle of a foreign country!! I was impressed!  😀

After the exhibition it started to rain, so we hanged out a bit in our rooms and tasted sweets from different countries J it’s so cool to meet so many different people from all over the world. 😀

When the rain finally stopped, the camp leaders started to prepare dinner while a few of us went to collect the stones to put them around the camp fire which we decided to make. However, bad luck again! 🙂 Just after a few minutes after the camp fire was started, it started raining again. So in the end, we all ended up under the tent. 🙂 Still, it was fun. After a while, we started to sing songs, but we had to sing in our own language. : D You could hear everything, from Slovene, Czech, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese etc.  🙂 Great way to end a day! 🙂

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3 Kommentare - “Sunday 1.8.2010”

  1. marcel Says:

    Really nice to read the first report! Looking forward to meet up with you all again on Thursday 🙂 Till then I wish you a good time, nice weather and a lot of new experiences.

    You who live safe
    In your warm houses,
    You who find, returning in the evening,
    Hot food and friendly faces:
    Consider if this is a man
    Who works in the mud
    Who does not know peace
    Who fights for a scrap of bread
    Who dies because of a yes or a no.
    Consider if this is a woman,
    Without hair and without name
    With no more strength to remember,
    Her eyes empty and her womb cold
    Like a frog in winter.
    Meditate that this came about:
    I commend these words to you.
    Carve them in your hearts
    At home, in the street,
    Going to bed, rising;
    Repeat them to your children,
    Or may your house fall apart,
    May illness impede you,
    May your children turn their faces from you.

    (Primo Levi – If this is man)

  2. mario siviglia Says:

    great work girls:)
    these days here with all you are really amazing!
    thanks a lot!

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